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Gardening Project

project started by Madam Naume from MC Kharbai School for the Deaf Sun, 2013-08-11 20:48
Extend the vegetable garden, and start a flower garden. We need seedlings, wheelbarrows, rakes, hose-pipe, garden fork, spades, compost, manure, shade cloth for garden beds, water-containers.

Learners: Orientation 1 learners:

Start-up Costs: R3500.00

Monitoring: Submit a programme on what will be planted, rosters for the learners as well as photos regularly. Maybe have T-shirts for the learners create a sense of pride for what they are doing.

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Name and descriptionQuant.PricePrice items
Seedlings for vegetables
1 R 200.00 R 200.00
Total:R 200.00