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Firstrand employee volunteering

Corporate Volunteering Conference

story by: Agnetta Nyalita

The Beyond Painting Classrooms conference in Johannesburg was an insightful one where corporates were challenged to shift from a microwave based approach to a collaborative based approach which is long-lasting and value driven. It was encouraging that corporates and NGOs were challenged to invest in volunteer management in order to maximize impact and enhance sustainability of the initiatives undertaken.

An enjoyable event

story by: Sally Marie

Though the mornings may have started early, I must say that i have learnt a fair deal from the beyond painting classrooms conference. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to employ these methods further.


Real deals

story by: Phumelele Simelane

Beyond painting class , It gives me great joy FirstRand brought out the important
, relevant work done by various organisations that indeed goes further than just painting classroom , that lil charity work is soo out of fashion. Here we have the top dogs of real hard work

Keeping animal NGOs relevant

story by: Cindy Price, Animal Anti-Cruelty League

I networked with a lady from ABSA and we came up with ideas of how to move our animal NGO forward. The challenge will be keeping animal NGO’s relevant when there are so many people issues to solve. Our beneficiaries are the animals but their owners are important too.

Networking and innovation

story by: Vusani

What a novel idea, not to have a business card or any of the other paraphernalia that we’ve come to rely on. There is to be simply word-of-mouth and then the conversations. A paperless network with a dash of innovation and collaboration, a sparkling thought indeed!

Exciting interactive Activities!

story by: Samantha van Nispen

The interactive stands at the #beyondpaintingclassrooms conference allow delegates to physically experience the good work that exhibiting NGO's do.
Here Phumi Simelane demonstrates how Junior Achievement learners make and sell a product during a #JASAfrica Programme!

Painting and Feeding

story by: Eddie Phillips

Painting and feeding are (and will remain) important activities where necessary; find the balance between relief and sustainable development. Without a plan, the situation will remain on the relief (desperation) side. Feeding tummies and the brain are more strategic; keeping kids alive without prospects of a LIFE remains an injustice.


story by: S.O

What were my thoughts on arrival? Outside ''phew, atleast i managed to park straight'', my mind immediately turned to the bright colours and how symbolic they are to the conference. Orange for health, green for prosperity and hope, red for passion and blue for wisdom.

A fresh sight with new faces

story by: Gladys Gulston

It’s exciting to see so many people arriving, fresh and eager to add value. I wonder what the next two days will bring, with so many minds to mix and mingle.

Getting the show on

story by: Edward Chirwa

As people start filling in to begin the conference, the excitement is building up.


story by: Leonard De Santana

The Junior Achievement South Africa stand offers an awesome idea: to give delegates a direct go at making something from nothing. Well, almost nothing apart from raw materials.

A bright morning

story by: JohanB

Eager faces arriving, knowing there's to be networking and collaboration on offer. Not merely another get-together; it's a big agenda with much to learn and far to travel.

Who takes the lead?

story by: JohanB

Many groups are about to take part. There are names and brands and faces. The agenda is packed and people are keen to see it unfold. Who takes the lead? Why not you?

Without the dots

story by: JohanB

Where would we be without the ones who set the scene, making sure all the dots are in place? So the rest of us can arrive later to connect the dots. But what if there were no dots?