A free service to supplement your fundraising efforts through local businesses and their customers

In tough economic times non-profit organisations (NPOs) often see severe cutbacks in their donor funding.

SpaceToSay offers  local businesses an opportunity to collaborate with customers on supporting one or more good causes. From a business growth point of view, such a collaboration may well lead to stronger customer relationships that translate into increased sales, increased word-of-mouth and more referrals.

Your NPO may well be a welcome cause for local businesses to support in the communities where you work. We offer them a web page with do-it-yourself tools to help them engage their customers in collaborating to support your NPO.

You can register your non-profit organisation here, for free. Once your web page has been approved, we will be in touch with the next steps you can follow.


Some of our terms and conditions

1. NPOs must be currently registered in South Africa

2. We do not warrant that your NPO will be selected for support by local businesses that have joined SpaceToSay

3. In order to increase your chances of receiving support from local businesses and their customers, it may be in your interest to identify suitable and appropriate local businesses where you operate and invite them to join.

4. Should you introduce local businesses to SpaceToSay who subsequently sign up, we will donate 20% of their annual subscription fees to your NPO, for the duration of their membership. Annual subscription fees are R3,495.


For any further questions or comments, contact us here.