Get your local business involved

What better way to grow your relationship with customers than inviting them to collaborate with you on supporting a good cause?

Take a deserving classroom project, for example. With SpaceToSay you can select a project where the direct cost is below R4,000 and invite your customers to get involved.


Some of your options may be to:

1. Invite customers to help you choose a deserving classroom project from those listed here on SpaceToSay. Organise light refreshments and introduce the idea to them.

2. Ask customers to help you deliver project materials to the school, provided you obtain the school's permission beforehand.

3. Ask customers to invite their favourite schools (or the schools their children attend) to publish those classroom projects they need funding for on SpaceToSay. It's free.

4. Offer specials on selected products or services and donate a percentage of sale towards raising the R3,000 to R4,000. That way your customers influence the fundraising effort and develop ownership.



Our offer

Apart from a modest annual subscription fee of R3,495 to cover our costs of delivering our services to you, there are no other fees you pay us. Note that some of our collective online storytelling services are sold separately from this offer and may attract additional charges.

You can cancel your membership at any time and we'll refund you for the remaining unused period.

Visit the web page of a participating local business.



Steps for getting involved:

1. Register your business on SpaceToSay.

2. We'll invoice you after your web page on SpaceToSay has been approved.

3. Use your web page and start using the built-in do-it-yourself tools.

4. Set a fundraising target and decide how you want to involve your customers.

5. Select a deserving classroom project to support.

6. Enjoy sharing the joy of giving with your customers.



Some of our terms and conditions:

1. You are responsible for managing and spending the funds that you raise. SpaceToSay does not receive any moneys raised by participating businesses.

2. You select your own causes to support, which must include at least one classroom project listed on SpaceToSay.

3. We recommend that you do not give money directly to any of our schools here on SpaceToSay. Instead, we suggest that you pay for the classroom project materials or services directly. Better still, ask employees or customers to assist in procuring materials or services.


For further information, contact us here.