How employee volunteers benefit from getting involved in deserving classroom projects


SpaceToSay promotes classroom projects that are creative, involve the learners directly and insist that they are managed by motivated educators who account for what they do with the support they get. This includes monitoring project progress and publishing "thank you" letters from learners.


Some of the opportunities:


1. They get to meet the learners and educators and can play a supportive role in improving project definition and evaluation.

2. They can exercise their leadership and other skills in supporting the curriculum of the schools they work with; all projects are required to enhance learner effectiveness and not conflict with what the school expects from them.

3. Fundraising is focused and specific. All projects on SpaceToSay are motivated and we encourage educators to specify exactly what is required and how the impact of the project will be monitored and evaluated.

4. Classroom projects, by definition, offer employee volunteers the opportunity to get involved in a responsible way, beyond traditional interventions that often require no more from the employee than helping to paint the classroom.


To register your interest, contact us here and we will call you during office hours to arrange a suitable time to talk things over.