How to publish a deserving classroom project that you need support for.

SpaceToSay promotes your classroom projects to local businesses, corporate employee volunteers and other interested parties, for free.

In order to make use of this FREE offer, follow these 3 steps:


1. Register your school

Register your school here. We will send you a confirming letter once your school has been approved.


2. Register your educators

Register the educators in your school who seek support for creative classroom projects. Once approved by SpaceToSay, they can start to publish their classroom projects. You register them after your school's web page on SpaceToSay has been approved.


3. Publish your projects

Submit your projects once you have been approved as an educator on SpaceToSay. The specific steps and requirements for projects will be sent to you once your profile has been published.


Some of our terms and conditions

1. We do not warrant that all projects will receive funding. Our role is to promote your projects at no charge to you, through our website, and to invite interested parties to offer support.


2. We will only publish classroom projects that involve learners directly. We do not seek support for other school requirements, such as maintenance, infrastructure improvements or general learner needs. The support we seek is exclusively for classroom projects.


3. All classroom projects must be fully motivated, with a list of items that are required as well as an estimated cost for each item. Each project must be accompanied by a photograph of the learners who will be be involved in the project. Each project must also be accompanied by a statement on how progress will be measured.


4. The progress and outcomes of projects must be reported on using your SpaceToSay web page for educators. Incomplete project reports may result in the school and all its projects being "unpublished" until all requirements by SpaceToSay have been met. 


5. SpaceToSay does not receive funds that have been raised for any of the projects promoted on its website. The responsibility for managing and disbursing these funds rests exclusively with the donors themselves. They pay for the project requirements and they arrange for the delivery of all project materials.


Send any questions or comments you may have here.