Do you know a local business that can help you and other customers spread the joy of giving?

"Every now and again, not always, you may bump into a local business that has all the magic ingredients to grow a great customer following."


SpaceToSay is looking for businesses like that; ones that have a gift for working with their customers in an effective and positive way.

Such businesses become a natural "hub" for customers who are keen to see positive changes in their communities. This is good for the business, their customers and for the communities they serve.

Share your story about such a local business here, it's free. Who are they, what do they do and why do you think they would be such a great addition to the local businesses on SpaceToSay? Include a photo about them or something they've done for you.

We'll first ask their permission to publish your story, for free. They will be under no obligation to sign up, but with their approval we'll publish your story and continue to host it for free. You can revisit stories to update them, invite friends to "like" your stories on Facebook, or to "pin" them to Pinterest.

Click here to tell your story about a local business.


Some of our terms and conditions

1. We do not publish negative customers comments. There are ample other sites that specialise in promoting what customers think, good or bad.

2. The purpose of SpaceToSay stories is to promote the art of positive storytelling as one of the oldest yet most effective ways to communicate and influence others. We do not publish negative stories and if you come across any negative materials on our site, please notify us here.

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