Collective storytelling as a way to gain new insights

Storytelling is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to communicate and influence others. We all have stories and we can put them to good use.

SpaceToSay runs collective storytelling projects for your organisation, large or small, to gather insights, ideas and other qualitative information that would be hard to get using traditional means.

Our collective storytelling projects are aimed at engaging specific groups of people you are interested in:

  • Conference delegates
  • Workshop participants
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Employee volunteers
  • Beneficiaries of social responsibility programmes


How it works
Participants email a short story about the topic you set for them, accompanied by a photo they've taken to support their story. SpaceToSay combines all entries into a single collective story and produce a poster-sized publication that can be distributed via print or electronic means.

Based on your specific needs and circumstances, we design appropriate activities to introduce the concept to your target audience. This can be in print or through a workshop. We also produce reports to highlight the major themes that eminate from the collective story.

View an example of a collective storytelling project.



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