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Unique capability

Kassam, a skills level 1 learner shows an astonishing enthusiasm for sport. His enthusiasm is not just shown in participation in sport but to mark South Africa's opportunity in hosting the FIFA world cup, Kassam is able to provide a detailed description of match fixtures and groupings to be used in the FIFA soccer world cup, a feat that most individuals are unable of achieving not even for one grouping. Most astounding is that Kassam has a severe mental impairment. Kassam is also able to give a detailed analysis of games to be played as well as matches played during previous soccer world cups. Added to this Kassam is able to give a well tought-out assessment of key Players in current and previous soccer world cup matches.


Thanks for the pics

Thank you for posting pictures of Kassam.  It looks like his handwriting on the board?  Very clear and neat writing.

We are very impressed with this young man!


From the SpaceToSay Team.



What a gifted young man!  I look forward to hearing more about Kassam in future.  How about a picture of him?


An amazing story

Kassam sounds like an amazing young man.  Should he not be brought to the attention of carefully selected media?  He certainly displays an ability that is worth people knowing.  I'd love to see a photograph of him next to his story?  Please wish him all of the best.


Well done to such an astonishing gifted boy. We should truly get more public notice of Kassam. I know this boy is unable to use public transport to find his way home on his own, yet his soccer knowledge will leave soccer commentators gasping for air.


Lets have a pic of Kassam


Well done.